Not just private equity,
positive equity

Palatine sees private equity as a force for good

A positivity born of generating returns in the right way. We strive for sustainable growth by building on solid foundations with a commitment to the environment and society. We work with our partners, on an equal footing, towards the same goal. Together, we shape businesses that prosper, even after our stewardship. It’s simple: do the right thing, with the right people, and success will follow.

ESG is in our DNA

We believe bold commercial ambitions and a conscience are good bedfellows. We are globally recognised for our approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations across our business and those we invest in. The proactive management of ESG results in positive and inclusive company cultures with higher employee engagement and productivity as well as better financial returns. Doing the right thing isn’t just good for society and the environment, but business too, and our B Corp accreditation proves this.


Value that is real, not engineered

Building businesses of real value takes partnerships that bring together different talents to create something greater than the sum of their parts. We get under the skin of our investments. We roll up our sleeves and get stuck in, enhancing value by developing talent and sharpening operations, whilst unlocking digitalisation and masterminding strategic merger and acquisition strategies.


Investing in relationships

The building blocks of any successful business relationship are the same as personal ones: respect, commitment and trust. We listen. Our persistence, patience, confidence and familiarity mean that we can speak frankly and openly about key issues. It’s the quality of our relationships that determines the quality of our investments. A small selection of investments are featured here. Select a case study to view more, or click the button below to view our portfolio.


Our Funds

Sustainable returns

Our Buyout Fund invests in dynamic and visionary management teams looking to drive their business through their next phase of sustainable growth.

buyout fund

Returns with purpose

Our pioneering Impact Fund invests in commercially driven businesses with a mission to positively impact on society or the environment.

Impact fund