Lia Vasilikiotis - Palatine

Lia Vasilikiotis

Sustainability Intern

I care deeply about protecting and improving our communities and the planet, especially at a time where both have been eroded by a variety of economic factors. But I also recognize the importance of financial sustainability – a greener, healthier world would be impossible without successful organisations driving this change. And this is what I enjoy most about my role, getting to pursue my passion for people and the environment while empowering businesses to achieve real change.


I joined Palatine as an intern in the Sustainability team in late 2023, having recently completed my MSc in Climate Change & Environmental Policy at the University of Leeds. Being my first ‘real’ job after graduating I have mainly focused on getting to grips with office life, learning as much as possible from my team’s extensive expertise, and diving into the details of our many portfolio companies. I’m a firm believer that small actions add up to achieve enormous changes, so I feel very lucky to be able to have even a small impact through my work in our corner of the world.


Outside of the 9-5 I spend my time cooking for those I love, getting back into my pre-pandemic hobbies of kickboxing and yoga, and, being relatively new to the UK, trying to make up for 20 years of living in a country with no pubs.