Anthesis Launches RouteZero


Anthesis, the largest dedicated group of sustainability professionals globally, launches RouteZeroTM, the first credible solution to digitally deliver a comprehensive Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction platform – from intelligent climate planning to optimal investment strategies and implementation activities – backed by the unrivalled expertise from 1,100 climate analytics specialists.

Designed from the insights of over 4,000 GHG footprints globally, RouteZero accelerates the pace organisations can assess their impact and develop actionable decarbonisation plans. Connecting Anthesis’ leadership position in Net Zero strategies and reduction support, and expertise with credible climate projects and insetting/offsetting solutions, RouteZero presents the optimum credible carbon reduction and mitigation recommendation for a client.

Identifying carbon hotspots based on source, scope, geography and supplier, RouteZero’s powerful intelligence, paired with actionable dashboards, allow all users, from technical and non-technical professionals to the C-Suite, to efficiently use the platform to make informed financial, operational, and impact-related decisions. RouteZero’s superior data collection functionality provides a critical foundation for other climate-related initiatives such as setting Science-Based Targets, Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) reporting, climate risk analysis, carbon offsets and audit-ready, investor-grade reports.

Shaun Enright, Executive Director of Anthesis’ Climate Practice, North America, commented, “RouteZero is critical for activating change. We’ve purposely paired the power and pace of digital with our subject matter experts in response to the complexity of greenhouse gas inventories and the opportunities to accelerate progress through science-based knowledge.”

Anthesis clients are already benefitting from the superior functionality of the RouteZero platform, including private equity firm, MidEuropa. Partner and Head of IR and ESG at MidEuropa, Vesna Sipp, commented “MidEuropa’s ESG framework has been substantially supported by Anthesis, with its RouteZero digital solution instrumental in providing measurable insight both on our own footprint and that of our portfolio companies.”

RouteZero is available now, with more data-backed workflow solutions coming in early 2023 through Anthesis Digital, Anthesis’ hub for climate-related technology and digital learning capabilities. Through Anthesis Digital, clients can benefit from best-in-class solutions for supply chain reporting and compliance, product footprinting impacts, sustainable cities with purpose-led KPIs, market-specific reporting, climate risk and investment planning, and intelligent and reliable market insights. In addition, all topics will be supported through digital learning capabilities to encourage stakeholder and mass engagement across an organisation.

Jono Adams, Executive Director of Anthesis’ Climate Practice EMELA, continued, “As reiterated by the world’s leaders at COP27, it is paramount that organisations accelerate their ambitions. We no longer have the luxury of time; we are dangerously operating outside planetary boundaries. RouteZero helps drive this ambition by combining detailed action planning with transparency and ease of use.”

Utilising its highly scalable structure, a RouteZero Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription can be used for single organisations or group inventories such as private equity portfolios or parent organisations. Training is included with all subscriptions to provide a seamless and rapid onboarding experience and integration with other data sources. Clients are also paired with specialist advisors with subject matter expertise in their sector and climate analytics. In addition, RouteZero supports clients across Scope 1, 2 and 3 to help them navigate the complexities they will face with rigorous reporting criteria. Aligned with the GHG Protocol, data can be used for science-based target setting and reporting to DJSI, CDP, SEC and other standards.

Reducing the reliance on in-house sustainability resources for data capture and removing the risks connected to self-service GHG inventory tools, RouteZero cuts out human-generated errors and data gaps and streamlines the process using an intuitive user interface. During its pilot phase earlier this year, over 50 million tons of CO2e were calculated through RouteZero, from companies with a few locations to FTSE-100 organisations with thousands of sites.

As the largest pure-play sustainability firm globally, supporting more than 2,600 clients to set and achieve their climate change goals, Anthesis is at the forefront of using digital innovation to drive impact. RouteZero is a further example of how Anthesis supports its clients to be more resilient in the face of externalities and drive change towards a just society. Proud to be a B Corp, Anthesis has set an ambition of eliminating 3GT of Co2e on behalf of its clients by 2030, and RouteZero will play a significant part in achieving this.