Value Enhancement

We believe lasting value is cultivated, not engineered

That’s why we focus on growth rather than cost reduction, investing in people and businesses with standout potential to be bigger and better.

We back management teams who we believe in and who are leading businesses that have value. Our role is to enhance that value and accelerate it which means having the confidence to let you get on with the day-to-day, while we focus on complementing your skills and bringing new ideas, strategic thinking and proven approaches to the table.

Across two decades of enhancing value in businesses across key sectors, we have seen what works and what doesn’t, and we passionately believe that success comes from establishing supportive and agile relationships built on trust.

This is why our management teams call on us for advice and support. Because they want to, not because they have to. It’s also why we have an excellent track record in growing businesses which are successful long after our investment is realised.

Facilitating growth

The tailored growth strategies we devise with our management teams are based on three fundamental principles of how we add value.

Helping you get there

Whether you’re entering new international territories, undertaking strategic mergers and acquisitions, integrating an ESG programme, or taking advantage of digital technology, we use our experience to help you get where you’re going faster.

Optimising what you do

From pricing and procurement, to building efficiency in your operations or marketing your offer in new ways, our focus is on fine-tuning your approach to unlock additional value and turn good into great.

Anticipating and overcoming challenges

With growth comes challenge. Implementing new IT systems, rebranding or developing a supportive and winning team culture are all growth milestones which we’ve successfully achieved many times before. We use the lessons learned from collective experience and the expertise gained by our team and wider portfolio to help you plan ahead, see around corners and be successful as you grow.

How we do it

Every successful growth story has a smart strategy behind it. Our value enhancement team has fine-tuned the art of planning for growth, distilling our collective experience in backing a wide range of businesses across diverse market sectors into a framework which delivers results.

We call this our strategic growth plan: a pragmatic, streamlined approach which blends tried and tested methodology with the flexibility to respond to the individual opportunities of each business.

Peer-to-peer collaboration

Creating opportunities for meaningful collaboration and knowledge-sharing between our portfolio businesses is a cornerstone of Palatine’s approach to driving growth.

The depth of experience and expertise across our portfolio leaders and executives is one of our most valuable strengths. We proactively encourage our management teams to use each other as sounding boards, sources of inspiration and advice, and to cross-pollinate ideas and experiences.

We create dedicated forums for further portfolio support, from peer-to-peer networks to structured events and roundtables, and we facilitate more informal connections which collaborations can grow from.

Subject specialists

We’ve curated a network of highly skilled subject specialists and organisations who we can selectively deploy to help accelerate and de-risk growth initiatives, and who provide additional resource in times of challenge.

Alongside our investment and value enhancement teams, our subject specialists, provide management teams with a deep bench of trusted advisers offering support and years of experience across a range of sectors and specialisms.

This includes an exclusive relationship with the Berkeley Partnership, a London-based consultancy with deep expertise in advising global organisations on developing strategies and transforming operations.

Palatine introduced me to other chief execs within their portfolio and external specialists when needed. They were very good in terms of bringing someone in who helped us evaluate our systems and processes which resulted in cost savings. The project worked really well.

Lee Meadows

CEO – Estio Training

Meet Matt, our Strategic Growth Manager

Matt is part of our value enhancement team. He works with management teams to identify and deliver value enhancement initiatives and he facilitates portfolio introductions for reciprocal advantage.

We’ve built an ecosystem of support that you can tap into throughout the investment period to help in delivering your plan. This enables you to get where you’re going faster and with less execution risk, maximising value at exit. Our approach centres on being true partners.

Matt Cobbold

Strategic Growth Manager – Palatine