Sustainable Returns

We adopt an open and transparent approach with the teams we partner with.

We raised our first buyout fund in 2007, just before what was then one of the world’s worst financial crises. Working from our headquarters in Manchester, we wanted to be different by placing the businesses we backed at the heart of our business.

Our approach back then still stands to this day and centres on investing in people and relationships. We have built long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with management teams, investors, professional advisers and a network of leading entrepreneurs and founders, to scale businesses that achieve sustainable growth, prosperity and wellbeing.

Since then, we have successfully raised a further three buyout funds using the entrepreneurial spirit and the down-to-earth and straight-talking approach we started with.

We invest between £10m and £50m. Our investment strategy prioritises three core elements to achieve strong, sustainable returns. We invest in sectors where we have a strong track record; identify the appropriate value enhancement strategy and we apply an ESG lens to every investment we make.


We focus on sectors where we believe there are credible strategic merger and acquisition and / or roll out opportunities as well as those sectors where our value enhancement approach can have the maximum benefit. We have a strong track record across key sectors which brings insight, industry contacts and experience to the new investments we make.

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Business services

Financial services

Health and education


Value Enhancement

The value enhancement strategy is bespoke to each business we back, but most will revolve around the three key areas below:

Strategic mergers and acquisitions
Performance optimisation
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Gary is one of our founding partners and leads Palatine

He has led the raising of four Buyout Funds. Gary believes private equity is a force for good that enables strong returns to be made alongside doing the right thing the planet and society.

Doing the right thing has always been part of our make-up. Some call it ESG, but we call it our DNA.

We pioneered an ESG framework, and we have embedded it across our portfolio since 2010. We are taking our approach to ESG management one step further by measuring the sustainable outcomes of our portfolio and setting sustainable targets.

Gary Tipper

Managing Partner and Head of Buyout Fund – Palatine