Performance Optimisation

We help facilitate growth through tailored strategies that we devise with our management teams. We can support you achieve your growth goals, optimise what you currently do and anticipate and overcome challenges in the following ways:

  • People: We believe great people are the key to the success of all businesses. We will support you in developing a People Strategy that will enable you to achieve your growth aspirations. This strategy includes succession planning, talent recruitment and development, board composition and HR organisation effectiveness.
  • Commercial Excellence: As in all successful businesses accelerated organic growth is one of the biggest levers for value enhancement. We can support you by maximising your sales function’s effectiveness, developing and implementing new product and pricing strategies, digital marketing, assessing and optimising the customer journey and establishing better performance in pipeline management through refined processes, analytics and reporting.
  • IT, Digital and Data Transformation: We will work with you to identify and capitalise on key digital and data opportunities to improve performance, products and services. We have built a broad network that can support you with every aspect of IT and digital from system implementation and upgrade, data and analytics, and AI.
  • Brand & Marketing Strategy: We have strong relationships with brand advisors and marketing agencies who can help develop and implement a new brand identity for your business and better target your ideal audience profile.
  • Internationalisation: We can help expand your product and service diversification through expansion into overseas markets. We have a track record of delivering this through M&A and organically.
  • Procurement: We leverage our network of consultants to strengthen, refine and diversify your supply chain, driving efficiency across the cost base.


Meet Greta, our Strategic Growth Manager

Greta is part of our Strategic Growth team. She works with management teams to identify and deliver value enhancement initiatives and facilitates portfolio introductions for reciprocal advantage.

The value enhancement process is very hands-on, but it’s done on a team basis; it’s not just us telling them what to do because any approach to creating value has got to be a joint effort.

Greta Steponaviciute

Strategic Growth Manager – Palatine