Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions

We’ve been executing M&A strategies for over a decade, and across our portfolio, circa 80% of companies have completed at least one acquisition. It’s a powerful strategy, and when successfully implemented, it can be one of the most effective approaches to value enhancement.

We provide support across the following four areas:

Acquisition identification

We have a dedicated origination team to help in identifying acquisition targets. We will also engage with corporate finance advisors and network contacts to identify other potential targets.

Negotiation and funding

We will support in assessing and negotiating the appropriate EV and funding structure for an acquisition.

We provide additional equity funding to support your acquisition strategy and will also interact with debt providers to negotiate appropriate acquisition facilities to support growth.


We help assess and prioritise acquisition opportunities and support in appointing appropriate diligence advisors.

Alongside diligence our value enhancement team will also help identify and assess potential synergies and growth opportunities.

Post acquisition integration

Our value enhancement team will assist and support your team to effectively integrate acquisitions​.   Where appropriate, we will introduce you to our network of third-party consultants to help support specific focus areas during integration.

Our Recent Acquisitions