Palatine Sustainability Awards 2022


We recently held our annual sustainability portfolio awards, congratulations to all the winners!


Newcomer Award

Winner: Cura Terrae

Environmental services group Cura Terrae joined our portfolio earlier this year. The team work with their clients to build a brighter, more sustainable future, which is supported by their own ambitious commitments to sustainability. We look forward to joining them on their sustainability journey over the next few years.


Enthusiasm and Potential Award

Winner: FourNet

Fournet was recognised for this award as they have fully embraced our ESG framework and understand the opportunities it brings, such as winning clients, attracting and retaining staff, and creating value. Some of their ESG highlights from the last 12 months include:

  • Achieving a great place on the Best Companies list
  • Achieving carbon neutral status with the support of gold standard offsets
  • Delivering environmental awareness training to new starters
  • Achieving ISO 14001 and bronze-level carbon literate organisation standard


Carbon Leadership Award

Winner: Anthesis

Anthesis was established to mitigate and solve sustainability challenges, with climate change being one of its highest priorities. They have set and publicly declared an ambitious target of reducing 3Gt of CO2 by 2030, and we look forward to supporting them in achieving this goal.


Embedding Sustainability Award

Winner: Lucion

When we invested in Lucion in 2019, they already had a strong ESG foundation with centralised management and governance systems. Further ESG advancements have been achieved through several acquisitions, which introduced a wide range of expertise and client services that transitioned the Group from a risk management focus to a positive outcomes business.

Lucion’s leadership team now leads by example and understands the benefits of a high-quality ESG proposition. This ethos has been applied to the business culture and is executed by all Lucion’s employees, who embody the Group’s purpose: “Protecting People and Planet”.


Outstanding Achievement Award

Winner: The Alchemist

Sustainability has been at the heart of this business since our investment in 2015, and the team continuously strives to minimise their carbon footprint and be socially conscious. Some of their ESG highlights from the last 12 months include:

  • Achieving carbon neutral status
  • Introducing dedicated green keepers to all venues to ensure energy-saving targets are reached
  • Ensuring sustainable procurement across all venues to guarantee products have minimal environmental impact whilst maintaining the theatrical punch of the brand
  • Maintaining several charitable partnerships