CET Infrastructure achieves FORS Silver accreditation


CET Infrastructure has qualified for Silver accreditation from the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), thanks to its commitment to training, health and safety awareness and environmental impact initiatives.

Over the last three months, CET Infrastructure has put in place a number of initiatives to achieve the award, including:

  • Training for Technicians and Drivers on planning and preparing for driving, how to carry out their duties safely, efficiently, responsibly and with maximum consideration for others, as well as awareness of the issues vulnerable road users may face on public roads (on-cycle practical module).
  • Training for the Management team on managing drivers and work-related road safety, reducing fuel use and minimising environmental impacts, as well as post-collision procedures and analysis.
  • Launching a three-month Engine Idling campaign, encouraging drivers to reduce their driving to idling time. Over the course of the campaign, CET Infrastructure’s drivers saved 1,312kg in carbon emissions and £852 in fuel costs.

In addition to these initiatives, all employees have completed e-learning modules on security and counter terrorism, reducing environmental impacts, as well as health and safety for drivers and other road users.

To ensure it continues to excel in health and safety standards, CET Infrastructure has robust policies, procedures and training that allows it to operate to recognised and enhanced standards, embedding these into the business by promoting best practice in vehicle and driver safety, efficiency, and minimising its impact on the environment.

Davy McCabe, Business Assurance Manager and head of HSEQ for the CET Group, said: “As construction projects throughout the UK demand increasingly higher standards of certification, choices of approved Materials Testing laboratories will reduce. We are committed to ensuring that we have the right certifications to continue to provide our customers with a value for money service, that also delivers the best choice for UKAS accredited Construction Materials Testing and Geo-environmental Consultancy services.”

Sometimes we have to stop and remind ourselves that some of the most significant health and safety hazards faced by our site-based technicians do not derive from the work tasks they have been trained to complete, but come from travelling to and from our customer’s sites.

Our customers need to know that they can rely on CET Infrastructure to share their values and operate to the same high standards that they set themselves. Our commitment to achieve Silver certification proves that CET Infrastructure has the desire to operate to the highest standards that that we can, and that we recognise the value of, and strive to achieve, best practice.

Davy McCabe

Business Assurance Manager and head of HSEQ , CET Group