CTS – making mental health a priority


We spend one-third of our day working, so it has a profound effect on how we feel. Difficult or high-pressured situations can make us feel stressed, but a happy and supportive and workplace can help us manage our mental health. Construction Testing Solutions (CTS) has worked hard to ensure their team benefit from this kind of working environment.

CTS understands that a culture harbouring positive mental health and well-being is not only the right way to support employees, but it also drives employee engagement and creates a more productive workforce. In 2020 Deloitte found that poor mental health costs UK businesses up to £42 billion a year. As a result, CTS is advancing each facet of its well-being strategy, in addition to creating a supportive environment for employees and champions. During the pandemic, CTS adapted this strategy to respond to the latest challenges and support its newly remote workforce.

How CTS approach mental health and well-being

  • Mental health first aid
  • Supporting financial wellbeing
  • Promoting good physical health
  • Giving employees access to external professionals
  • Tackling domestic violence
  • Raising awareness
  • Supporting mental health charities

CTS aim to create a culture that makes mental health a priority. A key element of this has been upskilling over 30 mental health first aiders (MHFA’s) at all sites and levels of the organisation. To embed mental health awareness and support across the business, Carolyn Cole, HR Director, has become a MHFA Instructor, enabling her to deliver the training and certify first aiders. CTS has also introduced regional mental health leads, who share ideas and initiatives and support local MHFAs as their ‘buddy’. Mental health incident forms have also been introduced, encouraging employees to report mental health incidents, which will allow the identification of trends and detect areas where further support is required.

In November 2020, CTS joined the Employer’s Initiative on Domestic Abuse to tackle domestic violence through raising awareness and providing support. In 2021 CTS intend to introduce a Domestic Abuse policy and training materials.

This week CTS is supporting Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 by running raffles and competitions to raise money for the Lighthouse Club, a construction-industry specific mental health charity. They will also be signing the Building Mental Health Charter this May to further advocate for positive mental health and well-being within the industry.

How is this approach positively impacting the CTS team?

  • In 2020, the company’s sickness reduced by over 2,170 hours, equating to approximately 270 working days.
  • Staff attrition significantly reduced with an estimated saving of over £600k in recruitment and training costs.
  • An engaged workforce, as evidenced through the employee engagement survey.
  • A major client has asked for information relating to the CTS Occupational Health and Wellbeing programme to improve their own
  • There is more awareness, openness and support for the mental health of everyone at CTS.