Diversify your talent with 10,000 Black Interns


This summer, we welcomed Sam Addison and Jeremy Ricketts-Hagan to our team as part of the 1,0000 Black Interns Initiative. The initiative aims to transform the prospects of young black people in the UK by offering paid work experience across a wide range of industries.

Greg Holmes, Investment Manager at Palatine and Member of the Diversity and Inclusion Team said: “”We see private equity as a force for good and are committed to promoting an inclusive culture within Palatine and our portfolio companies. We want to empower our people by providing a working environment where an inclusive culture and a diverse workforce are valued and expected.

“We were delighted to participate in the 10,000 Black Interns programme. Sam and Jeremy were excellent additions to the team, and we look forward to keeping in contact and tracking their career progression. The experience has made us more robust, and we will continue to create opportunities for people from all cultures and backgrounds.”

The initiative was founded in 2022 in response to global events at the time and a stark underrepresentation of Black talent in the founders’ industries. It seeks to place 2,000 young people each year and has partnered with firms from 25 different sectors, delivering internships across various business functions.

Sam Addison, a recent Coventry University graduate, said: “I was genuinely surprised by the amount of exposure I was given during the internship. The opportunity to sit in on management and board meetings has been truly insightful. The internship exceeded my expectations; I was introduced to many areas across the Impact and Buyout Funds and learnt much more than I thought I would.”

Each internship, interview and training session provide invaluable experience and the opportunity to change an individual’s trajectory.


Why sign up?

If your business is considering employing an intern/interns in 2023, here’s why you should hire through 10,000 Black Interns:

  • Diversify your talent pipeline
  • Bring new voices and perspectives to your organisation
  • Be at the forefront of improving workplace representation in the UK
  • Provide opportunities to individuals that could face barriers to entry

Register to offer an internship here: https://www.10000blackinterns.com/offer-an-internship

The thing I most enjoyed about the internship was the time I spent with the people. The culture came from the top down, and everyone was really welcoming.

I loved talking to the team about their careers and how they ended up at Palatine. They gave me huge insight into the different ways into private equity; there’s no single route but a few well-trodden paths, and I believe this knowledge will aid me in my future career. Everyone in the office has been a pleasure to work with.

Sam Addison

Intern at Palatine