Our Contribution

With long standing investment success we’re in a privileged position

We have been scaling businesses and creating shareholder value across two decades, maintaining an inherent belief that we can achieve this alongside doing the right thing by our planet and society. This is the only way we will build a better world.

We use the tools, resources and connections we have to support local communities and causes, elderly people and future generations. We walk the talk through managing environmental, social and governance matters within our own business. We make an even greater difference to the planet and society through positively managing ESG across our portfolio.

Sustainability Projects

Below are some of recent projects:

Portfolio ESG

We believe a greater difference to society and the planet can be achieved through improving sustainable outcomes via our portfolio, who are addressing 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our recent investment in Anthesis spearheads this as we support them in delivering sustainable performance globally and in meeting their ambitious target to reduce 3Gt of CO2e over the next 10 years as we transition to Net Zero.


There is an increasing amount of peer collaboration to help effect change in the industry. The associations we have joined forces with can be found below

Doing the right thing matters a lot to us. The environment is a key part, we need to protect our planet but it’s also about helping the communities in which we operate and supporting future generations to thrive. We’re in a priviledged postion in business and we inherently encourage giving back.

Tony Dickin

Co-Founder and Partner – Palatine