Palatine Holds its Largest Digital Value Enhancement Forum to Date


An integral part of our value enhancement approach is enabling opportunities for our diverse portfolio to connect, share knowledge, and learn from industry experts.

With this in mind, we recently held our largest value enhancement forum to date. These events centre around a topic of interest and importance for our management teams, and this time we focused on digital. We brought together CEOs and digital professionals from across our portfolio for a one-day interactive workshop to demonstrate digital best practices and facilitate cross-portfolio collaboration.

Why digital?

  • Digital can impact all aspects of value enhancement, not just revenue or EBITDA but multiples as well.
  • The digital landscape is fast-moving, and the tools and technology constantly change.
  • Digital solutions can help mitigate execution risk.

We welcomed digital experts from Open Partners,, Salesforce, Automation Anywhere, CIL Management Consultants, Drax Executive and our keynote speaker was Formula 1 Strategist Neil Martin. Several topics were covered, including:

  • How to use digital marketing to build a growth engine – disrupt or be disrupted
  • CRM best practices: How Salesforce uses Salesforce
  • Using bots to automate processes
  • Building momentum with analytics
  • Leadership’s role within digitalisation
  • Lessons from Formula 1: Using data to build competitive advantage

We’ve had some great feedback from our attendees; Wes Green, Product manager at CTS, said: “The day gave a good insight into the tools and techniques that successfully digitised companies are using and how data is used for informed decision making. The concept of an Analytics Roadmap to focus and drive the digitisation priorities looks to be worth exploring.”

Danny Green, IT and Ops Director at MPE said: “It’s great to have an insight into other businesses and where they are on their Digital/Data journey. I think it’s normal to assume that everyone else must be doing things better or has made better progress than you; it’s good to see where people are and what their challenges and focuses are.”

We want to thank our speakers and guests for their valuable contribution and look forward to our next forum later in the year.

“We should be prioritising data and using it to make informed decisions. It is important to identify the data that will drive value and putting it into a format for everyone in the business to use and understand”

Susie Clark

Head of Sales and Marketing at Gusto