Palatine Publishes Pioneering Sustainability Report


Download our Sustainability Report

We have celebrated a year of significant progress by publishing our second annual, public Sustainability Report.

The report, which analyses our long-standing commitment to sustainable investment internally and across our portfolio, also underlines our evidence-based conviction, that companies which embed good sustainability practices into their everyday operations are more successful, resilient and generate better financial returns.

We invest in mid market businesses through our Buyout and Impact Funds, and believe that gaining B Corp accreditation in 2022 was a key milestone our sustainability journey.

Alongside B Corp, highlights include helping our portfolio slash their collective carbon footprint by 29% to 9,298 tCO2e, the equivalent of reducing the electricity consumption of 6,660 average UK households to zero. This came despite an increase in business travel in 2022 as the team and portfolio returned to ‘business as usual’ post pandemic.

Across the firm and in the portfolio, more than 270 people were trained in Carbon Literacy – an initiative that raises climate awareness and promotes behaviour change.

Gary Tipper, Managing Partner at Palatine said: “Our Sustainability Report for 2022 showcases outstanding achievements within Palatine and across our portfolio from a year in which our teams faced new and complex challenges resulting from geopolitical, macroeconomic and environmental uncertainty.

“In the face of this, we continue to be guided by our mission to ‘do the right thing, with the right people’, which is why we have remained focused on delivering ESG improvements.

“With all the unpredictability in the world, one thing is certain, sustainability is a movement that will affect us all. But, with our existing sustainability framework and our commitment to continually improve, we are well equipped to take advantage of this by creating value for both our portfolio companies and our investors.”

In line with our vision to be a pioneering, sustainable investor delivering positive outcomes for society and the environment, our sustainability strategy focuses on three areas: Climate and Nature – improving the health of the planet; Inclusion and Diversity – contributing to a fairer, more inclusive society and Wellness and Engagement –supporting people to be fit and flourish.

Stephanie Wall, Sustainability Director at Palatine said: “We understand that the sustainability landscape is evolving all the time and therefore continuously refine our approach and challenging ourselves to continuously improve our sustainability performance and our approach to ESG.”

We established an ESG framework for our portfolio companies 12 years ago. Based on Six Pillars, all companies in both funds are assessed according to the following criteria. Climate; People, One Planet, Customers & Community, Supply Chain and Leadership.

Download the full report using the link above.