Palatine reduces carbon offsets for 2023 Buyout AGM


For the second year, we held a carbon-neutral AGM for our Buyout Fund. We focused on improving our prevention and reduction initiatives which meant our offsetting total was even lower than last year through prevention alone despite having more attendees.

We used a total of 3.15 tCO2e, which we offset through Gold Standard community-based carbon reduction projects.

We improved our prevention methods, and therefore lowered the amount of carbon emissions we offset, using some of the techniques below:

  • Live streaming and recording the AGM so that in-person attendance was optional. This reduced travel-related carbon emissions.
  • Hosting the event at the Edwardian Radisson Manchester, a venue that offsets all meeting rooms and hotel stays and is located near local public transport links.
  • Hosting the evening dinner at Gusto, a venue that offsets all meals consumed.
  • Starting at 10.30 am, which enabled people to travel to the venue via public transport.
  • Providing only virtual copies of agendas and presentations.
  • Using reusable cloth napkins, water bottles and cutlery.

We continue to be committed to reducing both our own carbon footprint and those of our portfolio companies. To support this, we have trained 251 people in carbon literacy this year.