Stephanie Wall - Palatine

Stephanie Wall

Senior Sustainability Director

I am passionate about sustainability and investing to create a more balanced, greener, cleaner and successful society.

At Palatine, I deliver sustainability leadership throughout the investment lifecycle, engaging with management teams to assess and manage sustainability risks and value creation opportunities. Applying the sustainability lens to investments stimulates innovative thinking that helps business leaders respond to the challenges we’re facing and grow a future-ready, sustainable business. Responsible investing is critical to scaling the solutions to achieve a future that works for society and planet alike.

I joined Palatine in 2018 from an environmental consultancy and have ten years experience in the Responsible Investment space. I provide support on a range of strategic sustainability projects internally and across the Buy-Out and Impact funds. I am also responsible for the implementation of the award-winning sustainability framework and for driving internal sustainability improvements.

When I’m not saving the planet at work, I enjoy trying new restaurants in pursuit of the perfect sticky toffee pudding and traveling to new places, experiencing different cultures.