Veincentre Success Stories


Veincentre receives feedback from patients each year on how the treatment has affected their lives and sense of wellbeing. Many of these focus on how the treatment has enabled them to re-connect with active leisure pursuits and the effect this has had on their health and happiness through better mobility and subsequent weight loss. As current NHS guidelines on the causes of varicose veins (February 2020) cite being overweight as a risk factor and taking more exercise as a precaution before seeking intervention, treatment could be seen as turning a negative cycle of events into a more positive, preventative one. Here are some examples of recent patient post-treatment experiences:

Male patient 55+ – attended the Nottingham Veincentre
Sought treatment describing the condition of the varicose veins on both legs as ‘bad’ with one prominent vein ‘constantly remarked on by people who saw it’. The condition of his legs were stopping him wearing shorts, even in the hottest weather, which was an annoyance and a limitation to his lifestyle. Realising that the NHS would not treat his condition he came to the Veincentre clinic after conducting considerable research into private sector provision. A year on the patient reported that the after effects of treatment had fully settled down as expected, he had no prominent veins and felt able to wear shorts once more “with full confidence”. His conclusion of the outcome was that it was worth every penny – and then some!

Female patient 55 years+ – attended the London Veincentre
“I am so pleased to share with you I no longer have to wear compression stockings after 7 years of putting them on every day or feel the need to raise my legs every time I sit to relax. I have much more energy overall and now I am back to my old self.”

I had struggled with cramps and aching in my legs for more than 12 months prior to your diagnosis and was avoiding long walks because of the discomfort that I would suffer. The procedure has given me better circulation and strength in my legs, allowing me to get out hiking just under 14 days after the procedure. I am already feeling much more energetic and active and able to tackle hikes that I would have previously avoided.

Male Patient 50+

Attended the Manchester Veincentre clinic