How Can Private Equity Turbocharge Your Business?


Private equity backing can enhance the value of your business and ensure it flourishes long after the investment period. How?

Danielle Garland shares her experiences across four key areas: strategic M&A, people, technology and sales and marketing within the financial and professional services space.

Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions. A good bolt-on will add value in scale, capability and service proposition. This can include both horizontal and vertical integration. We come at this through the lens of driving revenue synergies rather than cost efficiencies. It is the magic one plus one can equal three.

At Suntera, we made six acquisitions to build a global presence across seven geographies, including the US and APAC. Chase Templeton completed over 80 bolt-on acquisitions of smaller competitors and client books to add scale and generate multiple arbitrage by being part of a larger professionalised platform. We established Wren Sterling as one of the largest IFA businesses in the UK, and we did this through the successful completion and integration of eight acquisitions.

You may end up having to kiss a lot of frogs before finding the right bolt-on, and that’s where we can help find the right match, execute the transaction and assist with the most important part; integration.

People. A strong and distinctive culture is paramount in recruiting, training and retaining talent. Ensuring the foundations are in place to build a real sense of momentum in the team is essential for all growing businesses. Particularly those looking to bolt on new companies, expand into new areas and make new hires. We work with all our portfolio companies to ensure the learning and development pathways are in place to take people on the journey. A high growth period can be stressful and exciting, so having a supportive partner and ensuring everyone is onboard is essential.

Harness the Power of Technology. In an industry ripe for innovation, companies adapt or get left behind. My Pension Expert is investing in its technology platform to connect to a broader audience and efficiently service these clients. We work with businesses to help them stand out from the crowd and ensure the building blocks are in place to support high growth and achieve more with the same effort.

Sales & Marketing. This comes down to understanding your customer base and what is important to them because no one size fits all. At Wren Sterling, we invested significantly in brand development and maximising efficiencies from CRM. We can help build S&M capabilities and ensure that the data and process management is in place to identify, convert and retain high-quality clients.

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