Matt Coles - Palatine

Matt Coles

Senior Investment Director

I enjoy working with management teams that are passionate about the positive social or environment impact their business has and who have a vision to increase the scale of this impact through focusing on the commerciality and growth of the business.

I put time in upfront to really understand the key drivers of the success of the business and work with management teams post deal to focus on the areas that will have the biggest impact on achieving the future vision of the company. I bring a wide variety of experience having worked with both large and small companies across a broad range of sectors.

I joined Palatine in 2017, having previously spent 7 years at PWC where I qualified as a chartered accountant.

Outside of work, I enjoy keeping active by getting out on my bike or going for a walk along the river, eating out and occasionally trying to recreate recipes at home, and in the winter I love getting out to the mountains.

Portfolio experience

I am / have been involved in the following deals: